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Community members, neighbors, designers, community organizations, and visitors are invited to gather for an afternoon of food, music, creativity, and collective imagination. In the words of Cornel West, “justice is what love looks like in public.” What parts will each of us play in building a just future? The event will feature the premier screening of a short documentary film produced by youth filmmakers about the collaborative design process led by DJDS, Sit-On-It Detroit, and Developing Despite in the summer of 2023. It will showcase the story of working with youth to imagine and build public furniture for holding youth-led conversations on the impacts of parental conversation on families and communities.

Event Details
Saturday, September 23rd
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

About Designing Justice + Designing Spaces (DJDS)
Designing Justice + Designing Spaces (DJDS) is an architecture and real estate development nonprofit working to end mass incarceration by building infrastructure that addresses its root causes: poverty, racism, unequal access to resources, and the criminal justice system itself.

DJDS is leading a community-driven development located at West Grand River Avenue and 14th Street. Their long-term vision, which emerged from four years of engagement with justice-based organizations and neighborhood stakeholders, is to build a social justice campus – an economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable oasis providing access to resources communities need to thrive. In the meanwhile, they are collaborating with their Community Activators Board (CAB) to activate the site as a pop-up public space.



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