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2024 Theme: The Bonds of Family

The call invites artists to submit original color renderings of mural designs that embody the spirit of "Family Bonds." Family is about the connections we choose and this year, we seek to highlight how shared experiences, support, understanding, and overall connections tie individuals together.


The selected designer will receive a $10,000 stipend for the creation of the artwork. The final design will be applied to the wall by an approved hand-paint mural company.

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Throughout the process, the selected designer will receive technical assistance and support from Design Core and a curated list of industry mentors to answer questions, provide advice, and encourage successful implementation.  


The participating designer will benefit by having the opportunity to:

1). Showcase their talent to Detroit’s Month of Design regional audience

2). Reach a new audience of buyers

3). Obtain guidance and support from industry mentors  

4). Connect with Detroit’s growing creative community. 

For questions or accessibility needs email:

  • This opportunity is open to individuals aged 18 and above, who either reside or work within the geographical boundaries of Detroit, Hamtramck, or Highland Park. We extend an invitation to all eligible candidates to submit their applications for consideration. We believe that diversity and inclusion significantly contribute to the richness of our community and the success of this initiative and we strongly encourage Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), to apply.

  • The dimensions of the area for the hand painted execution is 29.5’ x 29.5’. 

  • This call is exclusively dedicated to the creation of artwork. A high-resolution version of the artwork will be used for execution, and applied to the wall by Colossal, a third-party company, under the supervision of Gucci Changemakers.

    All submissions must be entirely new, and only original pieces will be taken into consideration. It is important to refrain from incorporating the following prohibited visuals, including but not limited to; Gucci logos, sports teams, competitor brands, celebrities, public figures, profanity, inappropriate language, drugs, alcohol, or the likeness of an actual person without their explicit written permission. Adhering to these guidelines ensures the integrity and appropriateness of the proposed artwork within the context of this project.

  • The selected creative will receive a $10,000 stipend to cover all expenses related to creating the artwork. The stipend will be given in one payment after signing a program agreement and receiving a high-resolution art file. This budget is final and covers everything, including but not limited to artist's fees, studio costs, materials, and supplies.

  • The selected artist is expected to engage in collaborative efforts with Gucci and Design Core, underscoring the collaborative nature of this project. Upon confirmation of selection, the artist will be required to formalize their commitment by signing a contract that outlines program roles and responsibilities, including but not limited to:

    • Attend a program orientation

    • Fill out vendor approval forms as needed by Design Core 

    • Provide status updates upon request

    • If necessary, refine submission

    • Submit a final concept and design of the mural for approval 

    • Submit a high-resolution file of the final artwork within a determined time frame.

      • Artwork must be ready for public viewing by Sept. 1st

    • Artwork will remain up for approximately 1 year

    • Fulfill the responsibilities within the contracted budget and timelines

    • Participate in an unveiling event and one public event during the Detroit Month of Design

    • Take part in talent interviews, time-lapse videos of wall production, project photography, and PR-related opportunities

    • Complete a program survey by October 15th.

  • Gucci, Design Core and its selection panel will review submissions and identify one designer to be selected for the project. 


    Selection Criteria:

    • Quality and Originality: Will this idea highlight Detroit talent or innovation in a unique and authentic way? Consider the overall quality, creativity, and originality of the submission.

    • Relevance to Theme: Does this submission align with the theme of “Family?”

    • Storytelling: Does the event offer a compelling visual story that celebrates Detroit design?

    • Technical Excellence: Technical proficiency and excellence in execution.

    • Audience Appeal and Marketability: Assess the potential appeal of the event to the festival's target audience. Will this event engage and captivate the key audiences?

    • Cultural or Social Impact: Does this event address relevant issues or have a meaningful impact on the audience.

    • Diversity and Inclusivity: Does the submission contribute to diversity and inclusivity?

2024 Review Committee

In addition to representatives from the Gucci and Design Core Teams, these pillars of Detroit Art and Culture make up this year's Siren Art Wall Review Committee.

In addition to representatives from the Gucci and Design Core Teams, these pillars of Detroit Art and Culture make up this year's Siren Art Wall Review Committee.


Gucci Changemakers North America is a social impact initiative established in March 2019 focused on increasing inclusion and diversity within the fashion industry and across communities and cities.


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Mural Submission

Work Samples/Portfolio

Select up to 10 files to attach. 

  • Acceptable file types:  pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, ..png, .mp3, .m4a, .mp4

  • Please provide photo captions for your submitted photos. 

  • Each image must be unlocked and downloadable for viewing

  • Each JPEG image must be titled with the artist’s name and image number. Example: SaraSmith001, SaraSmith002 

Description: If selected, please note that Design Core Detroit and Gucci Changemakers reserve the right to use submission content to promote the Detroit Month of Design and the Art Wall publicly.

Terms and Conditions

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